The open-source RuneScape lookup tool for Discord.

Runebot is a feature rich Discord bot which scrapes, pulls and displays information about the popular MMORPG Old School RuneScape.

Features of Runebot

Here are just some of the best features Runebot offers right out the box

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Search for anything on RuneScape, directly from Discord.

By using the official Old School RuneScape wiki, Runebot allows your community to explore the largest and most up-to-date repository of information available.

Whether you're a main looking for the next boss to slay, or group ironmen tracking your stats and progress, Runebot helps bring players together.

Discover the latest price analytics and trends with built-in data visualisation.

Runebot talks to the official Grand Exchange to fetch the latest data and analytics from the game's player economy, allowing users to discover the latest trends and the highest margins.

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Enjoy the latest integrations of Discord's user experience.

By using the latest features of Discord's developer tools, Runebot provides a rich and smooth user experience - and fully supports slash commands, select menus, button components, autocompletion and more.

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